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We are an experienced software engineering team, who spent many years designing, developing, integrating, optimizing and supporting a variety of information systems, data sources and business processes in the engineering industry. Understanding that this is a typical need in today’s business environment, we decided to reach out and help businesses in other industries improve their operations.

Our mission is to make our customers business lives easier with practical technologies and innovative business solutions that help them achieve their business goals. We would love to share how we can help you.


Business Intelligence

Do you know the value of your customers? Data that you may already have, can tell you a lot about them. Your data provides valuable analytics and insights, but the information must be presented in a clear and accessible way in order to give you a complete customer profile. Calnetic’s custom management dashboards collect and present all information relevant to your customers and your business in one place.

Data Analytics

By measuring your performance in key areas, you can evaluate how your business meets its internal goals. Then, you can get started on improving your results. Calnetic’s solutions can help you make better strategic decisions, implement improvements to business systems and understand you customers better. All this will result in overall increased profits.

Application Development

Calnetic offers development of powerful, custom applications to meet unique demands of your business. Our analysts and developers understand a wide range of industries. We know how to deliver successful projects and how to satisfy all your requirements. Methodical research of the business processes and user engagement enables us to deliver optimum, fit for purpose tools.

Integration Services

Supporting and optimizing high-level business processes that involve various departments, applications and sources of data, requires straight-through processing, seamless data exchange, and business rules integration. We provide a set of pre-project services to ensure a straight-forward and practical integration plan, clear budget and optimal technology choice.

Cloud Services

Creating a meaningful cloud strategy is a struggle for many organizations. Often, the rush to gain a competitive advantage by adopting new, innovative technologies leads to hurried decisions that do not take into account for performance and coexistence issues. Figuring out how to connect various cloud applications and third party apps is also a major challenge. Calnetic helps your organization to come up with the strategy that fits your unique needs and business goals.

Database Development

Organize and streamline your data with custom developed database solutions. Our database development services will allow you to centralize data where you need it, and will assist you in designing systems to manage information the way you require, allowing you to simplify business processes and become more efficient.

Recent Projects

RFI Management

No more emails, no more manually maintaining excel files, no more file attachments, and no more network folders. Use a RFI tool to organise and maintain all the RFI related information in one place.

Calnetics Workflow Management Framework was developed in house and is available for businesses to help orgainse and streamline many of the common engineering worflows that exist today. Our core focus is on RFI but the framework can be configured to support an endless number of workflows such as RFI, TDN, NCR, MOC, Spec request, etc...

Workflow Management Framework - RFI

Claims Management System

Claims Management System for the Insurance Industry

Lost emails, long phone calls, answer machines, misinformation, old technologies... Thousands of hours are wasted every year processing claims in the Insurance industry. This application was developed for a client to help their company become more efficient by streamlining existing processes and implementing a centralized system to help manage information better. The tool has various system integrations, automations, notifications, reporting and also stores data in the cloud. The tool has transformed the way the client does business.

Customer, Client and Project Management System

Our client required a tool to help their business become more efficient during day to day tasks and activities. We worked with them to design and develop a custom web application to take care of project tracking, client and customer management, document management, project scheduling, cost tracking, cutsheet generation, reporting and more. At the same time we were able to analyze and understand their current business workflows and processes, and suggest improvements with the use of innovative technologies, system integrations and automations.

Business Website and Custom Project Management System

Construction Cost Estimating Software

Estimating Software

This Estimating tool was developed as a Desktop Application for a client that had used legacy Excel spreadsheets to track Capital and Direct costs for projects at a major EPC company. Their existing manual solution had grown exponentially in both size and complexity since its creation and ultimately needed to be replaced by an integrated system. Because there was no existing software available that met the client’s requirements, we were brought in to get the job done. With detailed analysis of the existing processes, proper planning and execution we were able to develop a custom application and reporting module that exceeded the client’s expectations and allowed them to streamline processes, manage data better, store historical data for reporting and analysis, etc.

Management Dashboard Application

Our client had a collection of complex Excel spreadsheets that were used to manage and track inventory, equipment utilization, and accounting information for their business. Our task was to help create an integrated web application that could be used to manage this information better and more efficiently. In addition, we created an executive dashboard that presented business information visually to the management team, and was also used to display equipment utilization data to their customers.

Managment Dashboards

HR Contractor Content Management System

HR Contractor Content Management System

The project was to replace an existing WordPress website with something more user friendly and more flexible for the client to collect and manage their contractor information. The client needed to be able to easily configure the input forms that are used to collect data from each contractor and store that data in a database. Client required advanced searching and reporting capabilities. The application was developed in modular fashion so functionality can be extended...

Project Scheduling Application

The task here was to break away Excel limitations and transform the clients existing spreadsheet into a proper desktop application. This was achieved using the programming capabilities of Excel by creating forms that are used as an interface to manage the information. The project schedule (Gantt chart) is created dynamically at run time based on information entered through UI forms

Project Scheduling Application

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